Corucia zebrata, Solomon Islands Skink, prehensile-tailed skink, monkey-tailed skink, giant skink, zebra skink, monkey skink.

At Night

They start waking up at sundown are very active at night.

As a nocturnal animal it relies heavily on its sense of smell, and uses it to identify its territory and other members of its group. Like snakes, the skink "smells" by flicking its tongue to gather scents and when the tongue is retracted it touches it to the opening of a Jacobson's organ at the roof of its mouth.

I feed them around 7- 8:30 pm in the evening. Sometimes they will eat Pothos during the day especially if there is water dripping on the leaves.



Water is very important for skinks to drink and bathe.

Skinks drink from water sprayed on leaves and also from water bowls. They should be sprayed or have a drip source avaliable. They lap water up with their tongue similar to a cat. In my enclosure, some come running to get a drink from the hose.

Always keep several shallow containers of water large enough for the largest lizard to soak in.


The skink has a strong crushing jaw but the teeth are small and used for eating plant material. Solomon Islands skinks are herbivores, feeding on the leaves, flowers, fruit, and growing shoots of several different species of plants.


 Epipremnum aureum, also known as the Pothos, Money Plant, Golden Pothos, Silver Vine, Centipede tongavine, Devil's Ivy and Solomon Islands' Ivy, is an native to southeastern Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia) and New Guinea.


For best results, the Pothos plant requires medium indirect light; bright light is tolerated, but lengthy spells of direct sun will scorch the leaves. This includes the somewhat toxic (due to high concentrations of calcium oxalate) Epipremnum pinnatum (cf.E. aureum) note that it tends to turn their feces reddish in color. Skinks eat eat it without ill-effect. The plant prefers a temperature of between 17 to 30 °C (63 to 86 °F), approximately the temperature that a Skink would be happy in. In the wild, skinks feed on the epiphytes on trees as well as fig trees and various plants.





They are nocturnal...

Solomon Islands Skinks are vegetarians...


The skinks come running to drink from the hose when I am spraying the plants.


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