Corucia zebrata, Solomon Islands Skink, prehensile-tailed skink, monkey-tailed skink, giant skink, zebra skink, monkey skink.

I purchased my first skink Donatello, the matrarch of the group in 1990. She was a wild caught skink and was probably over 6 years old.when I got her. She died in 2005.

They are outgoing and not afraid of new things, being actually curious. When putting new logs or wood in the enclosure with an electric drill it is hard to keep them off until you have finished. If picked up they do not seem to be stressed. They grab my leg or shoulder and climb up and can sit on my shoulder with their tail around my neck.

Currently accepted subspecies of Corucia zebrata; C.z.alfredschmidti on the left (notice the bright yellow iris)

and an adult C.z.zebrata on the right (‘Guadalcanal type’)

All photos and videos, © 2014 Linda S. Nye



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